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Seismic Inversion in Barnett Shale: Pinpointing sweet spots for drilling

Barnett ShalesIncluding seismic inversion information in the drilling campaign knowledge mix promises to be a gamechanger because it can pinpoint sweet spots in the unconventional play even with sparse well control.

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Stochastic Modeling in Shales: Spraberry-Wolfcamp Example

Spraberry-Wolfcamp ShalesTwo independently defined stochastic models generated from conventional logs and core analysis did an excellent job of estimating the mineral volumes and predicting TOC volume.

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An Upper Morrow Sands case study: Video Presentation

Barnett ShalesPresented by Jeff Zawila of EOG Resources at SEG 2010, this is a case study for detecting thin Upper Morrow Sands in the Mid-Continent from Geostatistical Simultaneous AVO Inversion.

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Timano-Pechora Case Study: Seismic inversion choices and benefits

Timano-PechoraThis compelling case study from the Timano-Pechora province shows the value of geostatistical partial stack inversion within a reservoir properties prediction methodology. General principles of deterministic and geostatistical inversions of seismic data are also covered.

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